Henosis Music is an American Reggae - Hip-Hop band, founded in Nashville, Tennessee by drummer, singer-songwriter and rapper, Brandon Jenkins, in 2020. Henosis is a Greek word, which is translated to 'Unity' in English, so, Unity Music, but it sounds like  "he knows his music." Thus, the name stuck. Henosis Music's mission is to spread love and hope, while unifying every listener through the power of music. Henosis Music looks to explore a variety of genres - sticking to their original sound - in hopes of bringing a more inclusive vibe to music lovers of all kinds. 

Henosis Music aims to spread love and positivity through fun melodies, memorable songs, and universal lyrics, to anyone and everyone willing to listen. All born from the mind of Brandon Jenkins. Brandon began drumming when he was just 4 years old. He began singing at age 5. Unfortunately, Brandon would also lose his mother to colon cancer at that time, as well. Growing up with a loving father but a tense a resentful stepmother, the tense relationship would cause Brandon to isolate himself, drumming and tapping on anything he could get his hands on and singing. It also caused a lot of anxiety for Brandon which led to stuttering. Brandon had a difficult time not only singing, but speaking in general. When Brandon was 14, his dad bought him his first drum set, which he would play consistently in the garage for years, hosting parties and playing for crowds of friends, at times. Brandon Jenkins began writing his own songs at age 15 and and quickly realized that he loved mixing hip-hop with reggae - and so he began. Brandon would use rapping as way to help suppress his stuttering, successfully.

All Henosis Music songs originally come from Brandon. Usually beginning as a melody idea, and then connecting it all with heart-filled lyrics. In the summer of 2021, Brandon was virtually introduced to his current producer/session guitarist & bassist, Kurt Jansohn, out of Virginia Beach, VA - Founder of Third Island Productions, as well as popular Virginia Beach reggae band, One Culture. They were introduced by Marco Martinez, a singing-songwriting Nashville guitarist, and co-founder of popular reggae band Roots of a Rebellion, as well as his solo project, Mellodose

Kurt took immediate interest in working on Brandon's songs, being that Brandon only plays percussion and sings. Brandon understands how to create melodies, but not how music theory is assessed in the process.  Kurt brings his experience, talent and passion for reggae and music in general to the songs of Henosis Music. Remarkably, Brandon and Kurt have yet to meet in person, but have together completed 7 full songs so far, all of which have been released on all streaming platforms - working together virtually from over 700 miles away.  Henosis Music's debut single "All My Attention" - a dancehall/reggae mixture - was released September 1st, 2021, along with a music video, available on the Henosis Music Channel on YouTube. "All My Attention" was featured on the Reggae Vibes magazine website, as well as their Spotify playlist, and was also played on Radio Boise 89.9 FM on it's first day of release. Henosis Music followed up with their next single, "So High Up" - a reggae/pop/dub mixture - released on the 1st of October, 2021. "So High Up" was featured on the Cali Reggae Spotify playlist in it's first day of release, as well and continues to grow and views and spins. Henosis Music soon followed up with a hip-hop style song, "Headphones", which Brandon wrote at the age of 15. Headphones is also one of the songs that helped Brandon through his stuttering, and continues to. "Headphones" was played on KYZX Mendocino, CA Radio 88.1 FM in it's first week of release. Henosis Music's most recent release "Just Breathe" was featured on London's number one Reggae station, Vibes FM 93.8 by DJ Sarah C several times on the day of it's release. It was also featured in a couple reviews, including this one -->HERE<-- from Daily Reggae News. A music video was released, featuring the new song "Just Breathe" and for the first time on a Henosis Music video, producr/guitarist/bassist, Kurt Jansohn, available -->HERE<--

The future of Henosis Music is looking bright with plans on releasing more music and content soon!

 "Love is the message, music is the delivery" - Brandon Jenkins.